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  1. DarkFlip

    Event [24/12] Christmas Event!

    Hello, Crafters! I'm proud to announce that we are going to hold an event tomorrow evening, Tuesday, 25th December 2018, at 3:00 PM (GMT +7)! We are honored to invite you at this rousing joyful moments. There are going to be plenty of events filled with surprises, and amazing rewards for...
  2. DarkFlip

    News [12/12] Important Announcement

    Hello Crafters! I'm here to announce that unfortunately, we are currently going to temporarily close Factions server due to lack of interest of the players in the gamemode and we are very sorry for your inconvenience. We will set the gamemode into a private beta-testing gamemode to test the...
  3. DarkFlip

    News Factions Release!

    Factions Server Release Date! Greetings! I'm proud to announce that Factions server is going to open for public at November 3rd 2018, after the second restart at 18:00 PM WIB (GMT +7). We highly appreciate for your patience all this time and your supports that have helped us in so many ways. The...
  4. DarkFlip

    Event [25/10] VIP Discount!

    VIP DISCOUNT! Since there are so many requests from players to make out discount in VIP purchasement, aneryan or Neyr has decided to cut 20% off the deal for the permanent VIP packages and gkitz! The discount will be valid from 25 October 2018 until 2 November 2018. Make sure to not miss the...